Project Review: Astroport (ASTRO) — a next generation AMM on Terra ecosystem

  1. Different swap pool variants for different types of tokens
  2. Astroport DAO in the form of Astral Assembly
  3. Use of TWAP Price Accumulators as Price Oracles
  • Constant Product pool
  • Stableswap Invariant pool
  • Liquidity Bootstrapping (LBP) pool
  • ASTRO — mainly to facilitate the purchase and/or sale of ASTRO tokens
  • xASTRO — mainly to facilitate the accrual of Astroport LP fees and to participate in governance decisions around Astroport
  • vxASTRO — mainly to facilitate the accrual of additional Astroport LP fees and to have greater governance rights when participating in governance decisions around Astroport
  • 49% to liquidity providers (LPs) via Astroport Generator emissions
  • 10% to the Astroport DAO Pool, to be used for the benefit of the Astroport ecosystem
  • 7.5% to Terraswap LPs who migrate their LP tokens to Astroport
  • 2.5% to miscellaneous Terra ecosystem participants
  • 1% to ASTRO-UST LBP to act as a price discovery phase for ASTRO tokens
  • 30% to the initial builders, subject to restrictions for up to three years on its transferability
  • More pool variants: Innovative pool variants such as Uniswap V3’s concentrated liquidity design may also be integrated into future versions of Astroport.
  • Cross-chain: Users operating on other chains may in future seamlessly interact with Astroport via certain bridges such as Wormhole, which enables arbitrary messaging between smart contracts on different chains and could, in theory, allow for transactions over Astroport LPs without needing to move assets into Terra.
  • Governance: Astroport may benefit from a system in future where token holders have the ability to delegate powers to specialised groups to enable more efficient decision making within a fast-moving DeFi space.
  • With the collaboration support received from TFL, Astroport has the endorsement from a team that will remain central to the future direction of the Terra ecosystem.
  • New AMM model variations in future mean that it could support a wider variety of Terra assets.
  • A future upgrade to enable non-Terra based transactions could massively expand the coverage of Astroport across various blockchains.



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